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Sharmon Noel

I coach awesome development teams in ways to Trust the Process and create speed to value with their products. As a previous developer, leader, and now consultant I provide value from my experience of being in the shoes of your team members, understanding their need for business agility. I utilize my expertise to create better teams, organizations, and achieve better business results. 


Done. Or done, DONE?

Many times when working on a product with a team we fail to identify what "done" means. There needs to be an agreement created by all...

You Can't Fake Awesome

Recently, I was part of a panel discussing new technologies and how entrepreneurs and young engineers are now taking the non-traditional...

Agile For Everybody

When the Agile movement began in 2001 a group of software developers created values and principles which later formalized into the Agile...

Poor Metrics = "Cots and Coffee"

Some coaches love to measure their teams successes with beautiful, fancy, big and visible graphs and charts. Sometimes we pull out our...

Your certifications don't really matter.

Recently, while attending a User Group meetup the facilitator was giving an introduction of himself while jokingly noting all of his...

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