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I coach awesome development teams in ways to Trust the Process and create speed to value with their products. As a previous developer, leader, and now consultant I provide value from my experience of being in the shoes of your team members, understanding their need for business agility. I utilize my expertise to create better teams, organizations, and achieve better business results. 


Servant Leader



About Me

First things first.....

You may need help pronouncing my name. It's all good. Hopefully, I can help you with the pronunciation of it below.


/sHär-mähn/ nōël


If you still get it wrong. No worries, all great relationships are built with some effort. 🙂 Now that we have that handled, here is a little bit about myself. I am an Executive Consultant/Delivery Lead for Accenture Industry X.O. My recent experiences have been in roles where I am apart of organizational and agile transformations for small to large Fortune 500 companies. My experience also includes delivering pretty cool software products for some amazing companies. 

Agile transformations......Delivery Lead? Excuse me, what now?

Not the type of agile when referring to one's flexibility, but more so the process of transforming an organization's culture and nature to one of agility. I have had great opportunities to work for really awesome companies. I have held positions in just about every role within an Agile team or Software Development Life Cycle. I guess you can say I am pretty well versed in the field. Additionally, I also have acquired a number of certifications under the ScrumAlliance.


Got it, so you work in IT with computers?

For part of my career, yes. However, I have also had roles that reached beyond the realm of Information Technology. I have held various roles in IT, such as training, coaching, and consulting on teams who have created tools and products for companies in the financial sector, mortgage industry, and automotive "Big 3". 

Cool, anything else we should know?

Sure! I am typically hanging with my family, watching Law and Order, wearing Nike jumpsuits and retro Air Jordans, taking trips on my motorcycle (depending on the weather), or looking for new bowties. Additionally, I have been tapping in to the entrepreneurial side of things as well. I have a few trademarks on my backlog waiting to be brought to fruition. 



My experience consists of over 15 years working within application development environments, and 10 years on agile teams assisting organizations with executing their agile transformation. I have worked in roles from developer, to managing technical teams, and now focusing on Agile coaching, consulting and software delivery. 


In my current role at Accenture Industry X.O., I consult for both traditional and non-traditional development teams. My ability to confidently communicate within all levels of organizations affords me the opportunity to work with partners big and small.

Below are some of the leaders I have partnered with:


For any needs/questions you can reach me here or also within the Standuply Experts network. Here are some brands I have had the honor of being employed by or partnered. 


I would love to speak at your event...

I am loving my current journey of public speaking! I learn new things everyday! I have had the honor of presenting at conferences, user groups, technology panels and lightening talks. I love to share my passion, knowledge, and gain new insights from others in the Agile community.


My coaching and training styles are very similar to the ways I present during my speaking engagements. My goal is to always execute what I call the "E3 formula". Keeping you Engaged, Empowered to learn, and maintaining Excitement. I want to leave you with value you can take back to your teams, organizations, or use within your daily work.


I speak on a range of topics including agile, project management techniques, behavior driven development, and career coaching. My goal as a speaker is to bring enthusiasm and keep you engaged with the conversation. My training/coaching/presentation style is focused on keeping you in the dialogue, discussing current issues you may face in your organization, and helping create strategies to remedy them.


If you would like for me to speak at your next event please feel free to contact me.



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